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What IS Hypnobirthing?

So, what IS hypnobirthing? – it’s about forgetting often negative preconceptions about labour, reframing and releasing tensions, anxiety and fear about labour and birth. It’s all about you and your birthing partner adopting a ‘can do’, positive attitude and being as prepared and informed as possible. This will pay massive dividends come the day your labour starts – hypnobirthing techniques and your preparedness will help you to feel calm, in control, confident and able to make decisions as needed.

The practical hypnobirthing techniques include:

👉 Breathing techniques – slow, deep breathing for the first and second (pushing) stage

👉 Visualisations – keep your minds eye focused, visualise somewhere calm, something softening and opening

👉 Positive affirmations – short, positive phrases that empower and motivate

👉 Relaxation audios – guided, positive relaxations that become familiar in pregnancy and can be used in labour to help you keep calm and in control

Other techniques such as gentle stroking, the use of ‘anchor’ words and aromatherapy are also encouraged.

Hypnobirthing is not technically classed as a method of pain relief in itself – instead, it works by keeping the helpful, pain relieving hormones in control (oxytocin and endorphins) and by blocking the unhelpful hormone adrenaline (associated with fear and can slow labour).

Hypnobirthing helps to keep the wheels of labour oiled, therefore helping you to become less tired and things to run more smoothly!

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