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Free Hypnobirthing Resources

Hypnobirthing is made up of 4 techniques, or 'tools', that comprise the hypnobirthing toolkit:

  1. Positive affirmations

  2. Breathing techniques

  3. Relaxation and positive statement audios (MP3s)

  4. Visualisations

These tools are practised with for a short time daily during pregnancy to ingrain a positive birth message and promote relaxation, calm and confidence. On the day of your labour and birth you continue to use the toolkit. The tools are a combination of practical, comforting and empowering; they promote oxytocin release, keep you calm and in control and help you through each surge and stage.

Below is a snippet of two of the tools - 5 printable positive affirmations and an introduction to hypnobirthing breathing techniques



The two remaining tools - relaxation/affirmation MP3s and visualisations - are fully explained during the courses. Each course also includes 11 downloadable MP3s to practice and have your baby with.

Before: Thank you so much! We were just discussing how helpful we found the session with you. You gave us lots more details than we'd heard before and we both feel a lot more reassured and prepared.
After: The hypnobirthing really helped... totally went into myself and focused on breathing.

Hannah - Pick & Mix Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Education

Positive Affirmations


Introduction to 

Hypnobirthing Breathing


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